5 Ways A Direct Sale Will Save You Money in Grayson, Ga


webuyhousesGraysonGeorgiaIt is time to Sell Your House. It is smart to avoid the high commissions that come with selling through a licensed Real Estate Agent. Almost as much as you dread handling the sale yourself by selling as a For Sale By Owner.

At Cash Home Buyers Atlanta, you can expect a different experience. We are people-centered and take pride in listening  to your questions and clearly explaining step by step the process and showing you how a cash offer today can save you money start by reaching out to us at 678-337-1165

Past home sellers have been happy to avoid the complications and stress of working with an Agent to list their house.  You, too, can profit from the savings when selling your Grayson, Ga property through a direct sale with a Cash Home Buyer Like Cash Home Buyers Atlanta.

Sell Your Grayson Ga House To A Cash Home Buyer Atlanta For Savings 770 769 5295

No Repairs or Renovations


a female sitting on her bed reading an ipad for decoration purposes onlyWhen you sell your house with a Real Estate Agent or For Sale By Owner, you will most likely have to deal with home inspectors and appraisers. The safest way to handle a buyer’s home inspection is to do a pre-inspection before listing. That way, you can identify all the problems of your house; some you may not have even known about before a buyer’s home inspection finds them. A buyer’s home inspector is paid to find problems. Homebuyers are notorious about being nervous that there are problems hidden in the house that they cannot see, and they do not want to get stuck with the repair bill.

Your pre-inspection is designed so you can fix the problems first so that when the buyer’s home inspection finds nothing, it will put your buyer at ease. Except you must pay for your inspection and make all the repairs out of your own pocket.

You are having Crossed that expensive threshold paying all that money for the inspection, and to make the repairs; you are not at the end yet. Now comes the home appraiser. 

Home appraisers are real estate professionals who evaluate the property and establish an opinion of value. Appraisers are trained to observe the condition of the home.  That includes the condition of the flooring the age of the cabinets the pain on the inside and outside of the house. If these items do not appear to be updated, the condition lowers the value of the home, meaning your home is worth less that you thought.


Pack and Go


a handshake purely decorativeWhen you sell your house direct to a cash buyer, you will not have to clean that home. That is how it works with Retail home buyers. They are not able to see past your house looking lived in. A seller is expected to clean the house, declutter, and depersonalize if you want them to see themselves buying your house.  Real estate professionals know this and often recommend you pay to an offsite storage place to house your belongings while you are in the process of selling your house. In other words, more costs to you, the home seller.

Buyers decide on your house from its curb appeal. That is the first impression your house makes to your potential buyers. Keeping your lawn and ornamental trees and other items in front of your house looking good requires time and more money.

You can avoid all that cost and time involvement when you are selling your Grayson, Ga house, to sell your house directly by getting a Cash offer from a Cash Home Buyers.   You can even leave any items you would prefer not to move to your new home; we will get rid of it for you.


Forget Closing Costs


When you sell your Grayson, Ga house to us Cash Home Buyers Atlanta, we will save you money.  When you sell to us directly, we will eliminate most of the typical fees that reduce what you will make on the sale of your house.

You will not need an appraiser, no need to clean no inspection fees, or to maintain the house.

No Marketing Expenses

When you contract to list your home with Real Estate Agent or to Sell FSBO, the house needs to be marketed to a large group of potential buyers. Selling with an Agent or on your own, those marketing expenses come out of your pocket. The more you spend gives you to most opportunity to find a willing buyer who wants to buy your house. When you sell to us, you can eliminate your marketing expenses.

Selling your house retail incurs a lot of expenses time and personal stress you can eliminate by selling your house to you. By choosing a direct sale to us, Cash Home Buyers Atlanta, you will save time and money!


Just pack what you want to keep and sell your Grayson property directly. You can leave the monthly payments behind sooner than you think. Call Cash Homebuyers Atlanta today at 770-769-5295 or send us a message to learn just how quickly we can help you start saving money!

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Sell Your Grayson Ga House To A Cash Home Buyer Atlanta For Savings 770 769 5295

Sell Your Grayson Ga House To A Cash Home Buyer Atlanta For Savings 770 769 5295, https://www.cashhomebuyersatlanta.com It is time to sell your house. It is smart to avoid the high commissions that co...