5 Situations in Which Hiring a Atlanta Real Estate Agent Doesn’t Make Sense

5 Situations in Which Hiring a Atlanta  Real Estate Agent Doesn't Make Sense

The traditional listing method isn’t always the best way to sell your Atlanta home. There are many circumstances in which homeowners might find that listing their home with an agent or independently isn’t the best way to sell their house.
Continue reading to learn about five reasons hiring an Atlanta real estate agent is not a good idea.

Do you want to keep the commissions?

Many homeowners want to keep their real estate commissions. This is why it’s not a good idea to hire an Atlanta real estate agent. These homeowners are often in over their heads when trying to sell the property as an FSBO. Unfortunately, these homeowners often find themselves in a difficult position after selling their home as an FSBO. The property is on the market for many more days, and sellers are less likely to get the total market value. Cash Homebuyers Atlanta direct sales are free of commissions and fees. These fees would be paid at closing and not out of your pocket.

You Want to Save Time

You might have to move due to a job change, which could leave you with two properties and double the monthly bills. It can be pretty overwhelming to have two mortgage payments, utility bills, and maintenance, which can add up over time. A real estate agent in Atlanta is not the best choice if you are in a rush to sell your house. Cash Homebuyers Atlanta guarantees your closing date. We can close within a few days, and we have the flexibility to defer closing until the best time for you.

You Want to Skip Showings

You don’t want to hire an Atlanta agent if you have heard horror stories or find the idea of showings unappealing. Most people are uncomfortable having strangers in your home, or you have concerns about your family’s health. Many homeowners put off putting their house on the market because they are afraid of losing the hassle associated with the showing process. Cash Homebuyers Atlanta acts as a direct buyer, and you can skip the whole showing process. There is no cleanup or rushing to get rid of a meal you have just set on the table.

You Want to Save Money

Many sellers don’t want to pay all the fees associated with listing their property with a real agent. This includes professional inspectors, appraisers, photographers, and drone pilots. This is why hiring an Atlanta real estate agent is not a good idea. The difference in quality and effectiveness of your marketing can be glaring when homeowners attempt to stage, photograph, and list their homes on their own.
Cash Homebuyers Atlanta will assess your home quickly and provide you with all the figures used to arrive at our fair offer. Cash Homebuyers Atlanta will also provide an estimate of what you would earn if you list your house on the market. This will allow sellers to make an informed decision about which method is best for them.

You Want to Sell As-Is

You might not want to live in a construction zone while you make repairs or upgrades to your home. You might not be able to do the work or have the funds. In these cases, hiring an Atlanta real estate agent is not a good idea. Many buyers can’t see past worn wallpaper, stained carpeting, painted walls, or damage that needs repair. Traditional Atlanta buyers seek homes that are in good condition and ready to move in. These properties are often considered bargain properties and receive very low offers if any. Buyers often simply ignore listings that don’t look good at first glance. 

Cash Homebuyers Atlanta purchases homes as-is, which means that you don’t have to worry about passing inspections or making repairs. Cash Homebuyers Atlanta’s full-service team can help you move as smoothly as possible. They will take care of everything, including your overgrown lawn and furniture, boxes, or other items that you no longer use.
Cash Homebuyers Atlanta can be the solution to these and other situations where hiring an Atlanta Realtor is not a good idea.
It can be time-consuming and costly to list your home. We are happy to help you solve your problems by selling your property directly to Cash Homebuyers Atlanta. To learn more, contact Cash Homebuyers Atlanta today at 770-769-5195.

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