How to sell a house in Atlanta when you are moving to an assisted living facility

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You need to consider many details when moving into an assisted living facility. You can make a difference in how you sell your house. It will affect the amount of money you receive and the quality of your experience to sell a house. It can be stressful to move and start a new life. Why not look into another way to sell your house?

You can see every detail that was used to calculate the potential profit if your house were put on the market. This is in addition to the Cash Homebuyers Atlanta offer, which you will find fair. This is what we do at Cash Homebuyers Atlanta to make sure you feel happy about the deal after it closes. Continue reading to learn more about the easy way to sell your house in Atlanta to transition to assisted living.

There are no commissions

When you are considering listing your house with a realtor to sell it in Atlanta to transition to assisted living, one of the biggest stumbling blocks is having to pay their large commissions. When you work with Cash Homebuyers Atlanta, there will be no commissions.

No Hidden Fees

There are hidden fees and costs when you list your house on the traditional market in Atlanta to sell it. You will have complete transparency when you partner with Cash Homebuyers Atlanta to list your house and receive the exact amount at closing.

No Repairs

The company will purchase your house in its current condition. This means you don’t have to worry about passing inspections or spending thousands of money before you sell your house. If you list the house, you might find more issues with it, which could lead to more expensive repairs. If serious problems are discovered, buyers may opt to walk away from the deal. The Cash Homebuyers Atlanta guarantees a closing date so that you don’t have to worry about the buyer pulling out. Another way Cash Homebuyers Atlanta makes it simple to sell a house in Atlanta and transition to assisted living.

There are no Worries

Another benefit of selling directly to Cash Homebuyers Atlanta is that it’s easier to sell a house within Atlanta during a transition to assisted living. You won’t have to pay for marketing costs. The Cash Homebuyers Atlanta professionals have years of experience in working with homeowners with all kinds of problems. We can help you remove any obstacles that stand between you and selling the house.

No Waiting

Making the right decision can be hard when you have to sell your house in Atlanta in order to move into an assisted living facility. If you sell a house on the traditional market, buyers might have difficulty qualifying for a mortgage. It takes time to complete all the necessary steps for the loan approval. Buyers may also make mistakes with their credit during the loan process. This could prevent them from qualifying for final approval. It is also costly to keep your house on the market. Monthly expenses, called holding costs, can add up. The process is made easier by Cash Homebuyers Atlanta because we pay cash. There’s no need to deal with underwriters or lenders. The closing can usually be scheduled within a few days or less. If you feel rushed by such a fast closing, don’t worry, we won’t be moving into the property. Cash Homebuyers Atlanta will work with you to arrange closing on the day you prefer.

We listen to your needs and help you understand them at Cash Homebuyers Atlanta. Cash Homebuyers Atlanta won’t pressure you into signing any contract. Cash Homebuyers Atlanta does not pressure you into signing a contract. We are also direct with the numbers so that you can make educated decisions for yourself. We would like to help you make the right decision for your situation. For a free consultation, call today. Feel free to voice any concerns and ask questions about selling to Cash Homebuyers Atlanta. We are your neighbors and proud to be able to improve the lives and communities of Atlanta one house at a time. We are happy to assist homeowners in need of assistance, such as those who want to sell their house in Atlanta or transition into assisted living. Contact Cash Homebuyers Atlanta at 770-769-5295.

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