How to Sell Land Without a Atlanta Real Estate Agent

How to Sell Land Without a Atlanta Real Estate Agent

It’s time to sell your land. You can easily sell your land without the help of a realty agent. For land less than $1M in value, agents typically charge six percent commission.
It should not take much work to sell your land. Unfortunately, selling land is not an easy process. You will likely face a slow and challenging road in finding the right buyer to move your piece of land. You will be faced with further delays if you don’t have enough information to respond to buyers and market your property properly.

These are some tips to help you sell land without the assistance of a real estate agent in Atlanta.

Know Your Buyer

Knowing who your buyer might help you sell your land, even if you don’t have an Atlanta agent. These buyers could be land developers or people looking to build their homes on land. You can market the property by understanding the needs of buyers and highlighting those features.
Directly selling your land to Cash Homebuyers Atlanta will save you money and eliminate the need for you to create a compelling ad to market your property to the right buyers


The Facts

You will need all the information necessary to sell land without the help of a real estate agent in the Atlanta. What utilities are available, is the property accessible by road, how large is the property, and what are the boundaries? How about environmental concerns? You should also know your water rights if you are selling land with water footage. These are just some of the questions potential buyers will ask. Direct buyers from Cash Homebuyers Atlanta work closely with a full-service team to quickly locate any information about the property, which speeds up the process.

Right Price

Land valuation is one of the most challenging aspects of selling your land independently of the help of a real estate agent in the Atlanta. Even though it is not as easy as comparing existing home listings, certain aspects of the land, such as the distance to Atlanta for commutes, the value, or water frontage, are difficult to quantify without having a lot of experience. Incorrectly setting the price could cause delays or even stop you from selling the land. Buyers who look at several properties in the vicinity may get a better idea of the land’s value. If you are priced high, buyers will move on. If it is too low, they might feel there is something wrong with the listing. A direct sale to Cash Homebuyers Atlanta means you don’t have to worry about land valuations. You’ll get your cash in hand within days and guaranteed closing date.

Marketing to Your Buyer

Now that you have written the winning copy for your property listing and have all the information about it, it’s time to explore your advertising options. Create a web page filled with information about the property or use many websites for such listings. Give thought to if your land is a good prospect for development by a builder; you might want to contact local developers. One of the benefits of selling to a direct land buyer is you won’t have to wait for the buyers to contact your sell instead to Cash Homebuyers Atlanta. Over the years, Cash Homebuyers Atlanta has established a network with professionals from all walks of the real estate industry, including builders.

Cash Homebuyers Atlanta

A direct sale to Cash Homebuyers Atlanta is a fast and easy way to sell land without a Atlanta real estate agent. Cash Homebuyers Atlanta is fair; we want you to decide what is best for your situation, so the direct buyers at Cash Homebuyers Atlanta will provide you with the valuation of the land if you were to sell it on your own and let you compare it to our offer, which you’ll agree is fair. At Cash Homebuyers Atlanta, you will find our highly regarded direct buyers are honest, knowledgeable, and always have your best interest in mind. Call Cash Homebuyers Atlanta at 770-769-5295 or send us a message to learn more!

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