5 Tips to Help You Sell Your House Before the End of the Year in Atlanta

5 Tips to Help You Sell Your House Before the End of the Year in Atlanta

After you have decided to sell your house, take every step to close the deal quickly and move into your new place. Five tips will be shared to help you sell your Atlanta house before the end of the year.


Our first tip is to do a deep clean from top to bottom, depersonalize the space and remove excess clutter to help you sell your house before the end of the year in Atlanta . 

To help you sell your Atlanta house in the next year, we recommend a thorough clean from top-to-bottom.
A new fresh coat of paint and modern touches in the décor will usually result in a 10% increase in the selling price. This is based on the principle that staging properties using neutral colors to create a clean slate.
A room can feel crowded if it has too many pieces or is too large. Buyers will appreciate the space and freedom that comes with removing them. Clearing countertops is a good idea.
Also, it’s a good idea to get rid of any personal items. Clearing countertops and removing family photos and other memorabilia associated with the property is a good idea.
Buyers will be much more interested and willing to pay a fair price for a home in a clean state. Buyers might be unable to visualize their family living on the property due to personal belongings. You should also show storage space by leaving half the cabinets and closets empty, creating visual impact.


Showings can be stressful for anyone, and it’s essential to set realistic expectations and begin the listing process. Although it can be a hassle, making it easy for Agents to show your house will to sell your home more quickly in Atlanta before the end. Buyers often only have a limited amount of time to view properties in person once they have made their final choices.
The best times to show properties are often last-minute or at dinnertime. It is important to have a positive attitude when listing your property. You never know who could buy it, so don’t miss out on a great opportunity.

Quick prep

To help you sell your Atlanta house, create a system when it’s time to show. Plan outdoor adventures such as trips to local parks with a goodie bag. While you wait for potential buyers to view your property, bring a backpack filled with activities for younger children. You heard it right. Children sometimes get bored when all their entertainment is in the house, and you are just sitting, allowing the potential buyers to take their time viewing the home. In the absence of their toys, you become the entertainment. A goody bag with snacks and a few select toys will be a welcome relief.
It would be best if you also remembered that while you are usually turning off all lights before leaving your home, proper lighting can set the mood and enhance your home’s best features. It is wise to make sure to turn the lights on before you leave, even in your closets.
Your showing is your chance to appeal to potential buyers’ senses. Don’t forget about the importance of smell! These scents can be found in room fresheners and are a great way to enjoy the aroma of freshly baked cookies or peace pie.


List at the correct asking price to help you sell your Atlanta house before the year ends. You could end up disappointed if you put too much emotional value on your house.
It can also be very insulting if you receive an offer that is significantly below what you expected. Do your research to see any comparable sales in your area that have recently closed and determine a fair asking price. Online listings are often first impressions, and there is no way to make a second impression.
Remember that tech-savvy buyers can keep an eye on current home values and know when a property is too expensive. It may also signal that the listing should be avoided if it is too costly.

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