Selling your house: How to make a stand out impression in a buyers market in Atlanta

 To stand out in a buyers’ market with so much competition will put money in your pocket. Are you considering selling your house in Atlanta

We have some great ideas to make your home stand out from the rest. You can sell your home quickly and at the best price, regardless of the market.

Offer incentives

Offer something that your competition isn’t offering. You could offer to pay closing costs upfront or give buyers a credit to make any repairs they want. Furniture, recreational toys, and even a boat can all be included. Remember that you want to give something practical. You want to give something that the buyer loves. It won’t be a burden. You can think outside the box. A free hotel stay is enough to make people buy a car. Your listing will be memorable if you add something unique.

Repairs: Pay For It You Are Investing In Yourself

Stop a buyer from negotiating repairs. You can make the grand gesture and pay for all repairs on the spot. This will win your buyer over and alleviate any concerns they may have about purchasing the property. You might also want to price your home in accordance with this plan.

The Price is Right

The MLS (the local multiple listing service )records every price change. Anyone can easily view the price history. People also get subtle messages from the house’s changes through the visuals. You might appear desperate or have something wrong with the house if you drop the price by a few hundred dollars every two weeks. It could appear that you don’t really know the home’s actual value or are simply waiting for someone to buy it. This will make it difficult for many buyers to buy. You should make a bold move if you plan to lower your price. Instead of dropping your price by $2000, drop it by $15,000. This will grab everyone’s attention and let them know that you are willing to sell. You can look at such a significant drop like you would a sale. People will buy more if they believe they are receiving 20% off.

Choose the right agent.

Do not choose the agent who has the loudest voice or best website. Do not fall for the showmanship that many agents use. Instead, find an agent who can provide you with market reports, stats and who will work with you to calculate the numbers until you achieve your goals. Agents who try to impress you by offering the highest price will most likely be compensated for their inexperience.

The Next Thing is to find an agent that has buyers from all walks of the market. Some buyers are cash buyers who will buy anything no matter the condition, and many close in 15 days or less. Other buyers are institutional buyers who usually pay more than the cash buyers will, but they only give about 85% of the house’s future value, less the cost of repair and less a fee. Then finally, there are the home buyers who are retail buyers who will buy the home for the current market value. These buyers are typically a bit picky and want the house to be in staged move-in condition.
The right agent knows buyers from all three levels and will help you decide where to position your home for the highest value in the shortest time.

Curb Appeal

The important thing is to make the best first impression. Research shows that the first impression is crucial in deciding whether or not they make an offer. If they have a bad impression, it will stay with them for the rest of their time at the house and likely won’t lead to an offer. You can improve curb appeal in a matter of hours by weeding and planting. It doesn’t initially cost a lot of money to improve curb appeal. You can simply clean out any clutter and pull the plants. To add some color, cut back any vegetation that is too large. A welcoming front yard can instantly make people feel at home.

It’s not the time to go cheap.

There is plenty of competition. You should invest in professional staging and good photography if you want to sell. People will pass your listing if they see bad photos, and professional photographers can highlight your home in the most effective way.

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